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  1. I wondered if you had ever tried the pee wee bit – I believe its Aussie – I have both my horses in it and it seems they are very happy with it.

  2. Hi i was hoping you might be able to offer some advice. I am struggling to find a bit for my 5 year old warmblood who has been broken in for a year. She is showjumping right now but is very resistant to accepy the contact and reacts by throwing her head up and just going with her head in the air. Her teeth are fine. I have tried just a simple jointed eggbutt and a rubber mullen mouth loose ring snaffle and a loose ring french snaffle. She seemed to go nicer in the mullen mouth but the rubber dried her mouth out so it rubbed. The french snaffle went ok too.
    Any ideas?


    • Hi Ashley!
      I would recommend a bit that sits lovely and stable in the mouth to give her confidence and consistency in the contact. The Sprenger Dynamic RS Eggbutt is a great choice, if she gets a bit strong then the Sprenger Novocontact Lozenge Eggbutt will give you the extra control you need without being hard on the mouth or using leverage.
      IF the head tossing is becoming an issue then consider a mouthpiece with the option of mild leverage to encourage softening at the poll and lowering of the head. The Neue Schule Tranz Angled universal is a great bit for this as its very soft on the mouth like a normal snaffle but the 3 ring gives you the extra leverage and control to get the outline you are looking for without severity like a dutch gag or pelham.
      Happy to help further 🙂 Charmae

      • Sorry to hijack but I’m having the same problem! My 5yro WB has some issue with the bit. I’ve checked his teeth etc, but he’s always evading it by chucking his head up, opening his mouth/biting down/crossing his jaw/getting his tongue over the bit etc or just tucking his head in to his chest even when there’s no contact! We can’t even go around doing basic trot/canter work, let alone start jump training, since our brakes just don’t exist and he carries on like he’s so offended by the idea of contact / stopping (even though I have very soft, responsive and forgiving hands) but I’ve vet checked any chance of discomfort! It’s really getting me down 😦 halpppppoo

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