Five Dollar Fundraiser Fun!

Hey there, lovely readers!

I’ve put together a little offer that’s, well, pretty irresistible I think!  You may know that over the past 4 years Bit Bank Australia has been in business, I have written a number of articles for various magazines, as well as these blogs and guest blogs for other websites as well.  I’ve also written or co-written 4 Guide books as well- of course all about bits and bitting and getting the best you can from your time spent riding your horse.

They sell for around $10-15 each on the website- but as a special offer you can buy ALL FOUR guides, to keep, for just $5.  Yup, $5.

Follow this link to purchase your copies online- if you have a paypal account it will take you just seconds, but you can also use your cards as well of course.  Now- these are digital copies, so they will be emailed to you via a link to download as PDF’s, so be sure that your email address is correct.

Check out the offer here!



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